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: Jewelry shop in Andorra: Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti

The House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti is a prominent crafter of elegant jewelry composed with the finest Tahitian black pearls. The company Perleria de Tahiti owns this jewelry shop based in Andorra. Georgia H. is also a proud partner of major luxury jewelry brands such as Fabergé, Annamaria Cammilli and Schmuckwerk. Discover the world of Georgia H., an Andorran jewelry shop at the forefront of innovative designs and expert craftsmanship.

Georgia H. - Andorra’s leading jewelry boutique

The Andorran jewelry store Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti was founded in 2009 by Laurent Pereira and Charlotte Hervé - the brand’s artistic director. From the earliest days of the company, Pereira recognized the importance of selecting the most magnificent Tahitian black pearls to elevate Hervé’s designs.
Georgia H. is a concept store that showcases a carefully curated and unique selection of Tahitian black pearl jewelry as well as pieces from its partnering brands. This jewelry shop in Andorra enhances the shopper experience by going above and beyond the typical jewelry boutique experience. The location houses a workshop and a pearl collection with approximately 300 different categories of Tahitian pearls, each selected for their exceptional quality. Having an extensive array of pearls allows Georgia H. to create a never-ending spectrum of designs to meet all price points and tastes.
Laurent Pereira spent several years sharpening his keen eye for exceptional pearls under the tutelage of Robert Wan – King of the Tahitian black pearl market.

An Andorran jewelry store that creates bespoke pieces

Georgia H./ Perleria de Tahiti has a large selection of unique and luxurious jewelry that is handcrafted in-house. Our staff works hand-in-hand with our customers to create bespoke pieces. Other services are also available, such as engraving and stunning packaging.
If you have been designing a piece of jewelry, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to have a consultation with you about the piece. Taking the lead from your inspiration and requirements, our designers will then work closely with our goldsmiths to create a range of designs reproducing or incorporating your personal design with our expert knowledge of jewelry making. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be adored for generations.

Georgia H. fine jewelers in Andorra

The Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti jewelry store is located just a stone’s throw from Avenida Meritxell, Andorra la Vella’s shopping district.

Perleria de Tahiti,
C/ roc dels escolls, nº2
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Principality of Andorra

Renowned partners

Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti is an Andorran jewelry store that stands out. This is in part due to our partnerships with other luxury brands whose collections can only be found in Andorra at our jewelry boutique. Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti is the proud partner of the iconic Russian jeweler Fabergé, the German brand Schmuckwerk and the Italian artist and jeweler Annamaria Cammilli.

Luxury destination

Andorra offers countless luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping and leisure activities such as skiing and much more.

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