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Tahitian black pearl jewelry in Andorra

Looking for luxury jewelry in Andorra? The House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti specializes in handcrafting sumptuous Tahitian black pearl jewelry. The boutique is also Andorra’s must-see location for jewelry by Fabergé, Markus Schmidt and Annamaria Cammilli.

Elegance and audacity at Andorra’s leading luxury jewelry store

The company Perleria de Tahiti, which was founded in September 2009, owns the Andorran jewelry store Georgia H. Laurent Pereira launched this store as a way to share his passion for Tahitian black pearls and jewelry.

The European specialist in Tahitian black pearls

Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti pays homage to the Tahitian black pearl - from its mysterious birth to the painstaking care put into harvesting, sorting and jewelry design - by imbuing every phase of the design process with our technical skill and artistry. Only the finest Tahitian black pearls are destined to become Georgia H. gems. Charlotte Hervé, the brand’s artistic director, takes each of these pearl’s finest qualities into account to create elegant, simple and original pieces to meet all price points and styles.
Tahitian black pearl jewelry has a way of becoming a part of you. You will be sure to find a piece that speaks to you in our extensive collection of exquisite Tahitian pearl jewelry – perhaps a pendant, multicolored leather choker, a suede bracelet or a ring with a magnificent rare pearl elegantly accompanied by diamonds or precious gemstones.

Bespoke Tahitian black pearl jewelry in Andorra

Dive into an enchanting world of possibilities at Georgia H., where our in-house workshop allows you to work hand-in-hand with our designers to create the piece of your dreams. When you purchase a piece from Georgia H., you receive superlative after-sales services.

Sensational unique creations

Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti offers you jewelry made with the finest Tahitian black pearls: rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Our pieces are designed in-house and crafted using an array of top-quality materials: gold, platinum, silver, steel, precious and semi-precious stones, leather, silk and much more.

An Andorran jeweler partnering with luxury brands

In addition to designing Tahitian black pearl jewelry, Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti is the proud partner of some of the greatest luxury jewelry brands, including: Fabergé, Schmuckwerk and Annamaria Cammilli.

Fruitful partnerships

Schmuckwerk is a German luxury brand founded by Markus Schmidt. Their most successful collection is Diamonds in Glass. This collection features pieces with a diamond suspended at the center of a glass bead. These architecturally inclined, minimalist baubles provide elevated versatility thanks to their modern design that not only compliments any outfit but will also stand the test of time.

Fabergé is one of the world’s most famous artistic jewelers whose lavish and incredibly intricate designs have been heralded for centuries. This Russian jeweler pairs harmonious colors, lavish guilloche enamel and intricate gem work to create regal jewelry. The pendants and other pieces featuring their legendary Imperial Egg reflect the magic and essence of Fabergé’s values, heritage and relevance today.

Annamaria Cammilli brings Italian grace to its natural, organic and glamorous creations. This luxury brand is known for its eight different shades of gold and its use of texture.

Feel free to visit our boutique in Andorra and explore our collections of Tahitian black pearl jewelry and our carefully curated selection of pieces from our partnering brands.

Luxury destination

Andorra offers countless luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping and leisure activities such as skiing and much more.

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