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About us

Bespoke jewelry – Tahitian black pearls

Since 2009, Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti jewelers has established an international reputation as Andorra’s leading destination for fine bespoke jewelry. Having your own luxury custom jewelry is very much within reach. Work with our creative director and master jeweler to create a style that matches your dreams and meets your budget.

Georgia H.’s workshop: luxury bespoke jewelry

A jewelry workshop at your disposal

Located in the center of Andorra la Vella, the House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti has a collection of 5,000 Tahitian pearls that are categorized into more than 300 different varieties. Our jewelers specialize in designing accessories that feature one of the world’s most sought-after gems: the famous Tahitian black pearl.
Georgia H.’s main goal is to infuse your designs with our passion and knowledge of Tahitian pearls.

Advice and support

Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti has always been guided by its will to share its knowledge and technical skills. We are proud to collaborate with you and adjust your design until you see exactly what you want.

Bespoke & personalized jewelry

See your jewelry come to life. Our passion and experience in creating bespoke jewelry will allow us to personally guide you through the creative process as we exchange ideas about the piece you wish to create. We will work to meet your budget and achieve your dreams. The Principality of Andorra has a very low VAT rate, so you are sure to find excellent deals!

The design process

Passion at the helm

At Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti, when designing a piece of bespoke jewelry, we start with what inspires you, reviewing any pictures or sketches you provide to guide us through the creative process in order to offer you possible designs.
We will combine our expertise and your expectations to bring your jewelry to life, creating a piece that reflects your singular characteristics and personality.

Contact Andorra’s leading bespoke jeweler

If your imagination and creativity have no limits, entrust us with your dreams and join us in the creation of your idea. If you aren’t sure of what you want, we will collaborate with you on the concept for an engagement ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet or pendant. Please bring us pictures and sketches as they fill us with inspiration.

The House of Georgia H., Andorra

Whatever your wishes and desires, the House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti is ready to listen to you. You can contact us via email or telephone about your project or visit us in Andorra la Vella, just a stone’s throw from Andorra’s famous shopping district on Avenida Meritxell.

Luxury destination

Andorra offers countless luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping and leisure activities such as skiing and much more.

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