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Fabergé pendants & egg lockets

Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti specializes in crafting Tahitian black pearl jewelry and is the only jewelry store in Andorra that carries Fabergé luxury brand items. A visit to our boutique will open the doors into this famous Russian jeweler’s world as you browse our showcases dazzling with sumptuous pieces, including the Fabergé pendants and egg lockets that contain miniature surprises.

Fabergé egg pendant Tiki cherry color and Gold 18 Karats with Tahiti pearl 11 000€

Fabergé Egg pendants & lockets: luxury & splendor at your fingertips

High-end jewelry

The Fabergé Egg lockets and pendants are miniature masterpieces that draw inspiration from the original jeweled Imperial Eggs. Their refined designs feature the finest gemstones, skilfully blending contemporary aesthetics with the brand’s historic, world-renowned style.

Contemporary yet historic jewelry

Boasting a delicate blend of modernity and tradition, these unique pieces are versatile and have the capacity to elevate any ensemble, whether you are dressing for an exclusive evening Gala or a Sunday brunch with friends. Fabergé Egg pendants and lockets spin back the hands of time, evoking life during 19th century Russia and the regal Imperial Courts.

Emblematic & luxurious collections

The depths and richness of Fabergé’s history is woven across the fabric of the past. Fabergé, perhaps one of the world’s most famous artist jewelers, has been creating lavishly intricate jewelry and objets d’art since 1842. This Russian luxury brand grew with and fell with the power of the Romanov family, only to rise like a phoenix in 2009 after several changes in ownership. The brand’s current collection of Fabergé Egg pendants and lockets serve as a stunning reminder of this brand’s legendary history and the history of the Imperial Eggs that brought them world renown.

Collections: Fabergé Imperial & Emotion

The collection Emotion, with its intense colors, explores the technical and artistic richness of Fabergé’s world. These pieces of incomparable quality push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship while holding true to the spirit of the House of Fabergé. The Emotion Fabergé Egg pendants explore the Bohemian, Impressionist and Fauvist palette of vivid color and employ them to create an emotional tour de force.

The equally superb Fabergé Imperial collection is inspired by the splendor of the Imperial Romanov Court, its precious stones mimicking the rhythms and colors of the seasons.

Fabergé Egg pendants & lockets by Frédéric Zaavy

In 2009, Peter Carl Fabergé’s great-granddaughters Sarah and Tatiana Fabergé restored the Russian brand to its former glory. At this time the Parisian jewelry artist Frédéric Zaavy joined the brand, propelling Fabergé to the peak of its creative expression. Zaavy, who has since passed away, drew designs for the new Fabergé Egg pendants using stunning precious gemstones, combining exquisite colors with exceptional craftsmanship.

Explore the House of Georgia H.’s collection of Fabergé Egg lockets & pendants

Located a stone’s throw from Avenida Meritxell in Andorra la Vella, the Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti boutique is Andorra’s exclusive distributor of Fabergé pendants, jewelry and timepieces. Feel free to visit our shop - we would be pleased to show you our carefully curated collection of fine Fabergé pieces. Andorra is renowned for its advantages sales prices due to the country’s low VAT rate, so you are sure to find the piece of your dreams at an unbelievable price.

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