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Luxury in Andorra

Driving in Andorra & traffic information

Getting around Andorra by car allows you to move more freely around the Principality and explore the country’s wellspring of fabulous things to do. While the roads in Andorra are well maintained with stunning views, there can be heavy traffic at rush hour.

The roads and traffic in Andorra

Andorran roads

Andorra has a network of roads that was well planned out and kept in pristine condition. Andorra has approximately 167 miles (270 km) of asphalt roads that allow you to access almost every corner of the Principality.

A main road crosses Andorra on a north-east/south-west axis. Small hamlets and cosy villages pepper this main road. It extends from Pas de la Casa, on the border with France, to Sant Julià de Lòria, passing through the country’s capital, Andorra la Vella.

Traffic in Andorra: Everything you need to know about rush hour

Driving in Andorra is very pleasant. Discovering the country’s rich and magnificent landscapes with the wide, open road unfurling before you is a true pleasure. However, you should keep in mind that Andorra has heavy traffic at certain hours, especially around Andorra la Vella. It is best to avoid driving in Andorra during Rush hour - in the morning between 8AM and 9AM and in the afternoon and evening between 4PM and 6PM. Although checking the latest Andorran traffic information before heading out on the road is the best way to avoid getting stuck in traffic.
There is often heavy traffic between Andorra la Vella and Pas de la Casa. Many non-residents visit these areas in the search of quality shopping and good bargains.


Traffic and parking lots

For the most part, the roads in Andorra are very wide, with two, three or four lanes to keep traffic flowing, especially around the larger cities.

It should be noted that parking is free almost everywhere in the country. There are several inexpensive and conveniently located parking lots or garages near shopping districts and large ski resorts.

Tunnels: Driving in Andorra

Andorra is a mountainous country, making it harder to build roads. The Envalira tunnel (1.8mi/3km) was opened in 2002 and is a convenient way to get from Pas de la Casa to Grau Roig, which allows you to avoid the snow and ice during the winter months.

Another tunnel goes between Encamp and Sispony. It was created to reduce rush hour traffic on the old road through Andorra la Vella.

Luxury destination

Andorra offers countless luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping and leisure activities such as skiing and much more.

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