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Luxury in Andorra

Top reasons why you should purchase your jewelry in Andorra

An afternoon of shopping in the Principality is all the time you need to come to the conclusion that Andorra has amazing prices. Jewelry, like many other articles and products, are available at great prices. Plus the country’s low sales taxes guarantees that you will be getting a good deal.

Andorra: purchase your jewelry at Georgia H.

When you open the doors to the concept store Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti a whole new world of superb jewelry is available for you to discover. The boutique specializes in creating its own Tahitian black pearl jewelry but also carries several other luxury name brands, including Fabergé, Schmuckwerk and Annamaria Cammilli.

A shopping paradise

In Andorra, jewelry and luxury goods are available at very attractive prices due to the country’s low sales tax. The VAT rate is only 4.5% on a majority of items, allowing consumers to enjoy considerable savings.

Buying jewelry in Andorra: a must-see shopping destination

Andorra has had a system with low taxes on certain items and other sectors, such as real estate, for some time now. Since taxes account for a large portion of a product’s price it is easy to understand why shopping in Andorra is so advantageous.

Exporting jewelry and merchandise from Andorra: beware of customs quotas

Andorran jewelers and other retail shops have an international reputation for the incredible quantity of their products and low VAT rates. However it is important to pay attention to the quotas in force on purchased goods in order to avoid paying taxes to customs when passing the border! When making a purchase at Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti, feel free to ask our sales persons about Andorra’s customs quotas, they will be more than happy to give you the latest information.

General information on customs quotas

Strict regulations

Andorra has set up very clear laws concerning purchase allowances, limits and customs tolerance. It is important to be well informed about what you can and cannot purchase and especially how much of each item you can buy in order to avoid taxation when passing through customs.

Product limitations

Products from the luxury industry, clothing, leather goods, perfumes, electronics, sporting goods, tobacco and alcohol are subject to quotas. Even though it is easy to find excellent prices on brand names in Andorra, be sure to check with the cashier or sales representative about product limits and customs fees on your purchases. Sales personnel are used to being asked these questions and are generally very knowledgeable about the subject.

Authorized limits

Andorra does not limit the purchase of jewelry. When entering Andorra you must declare the amount of cash you are carrying if it exceeds 10,000 euros (applicable for individuals over 18 years of age).
The following lists a few of the authorized limits for certain goods:
• Coffee: 1,000 g
• Tea: 200 g
• Perfume: 75 ml
• Fresh milk: 6 liters
• Butter: 1 kg
• Cheese: 4 kg
• Sugar: 5 kg
• Meat: 5 kg
• Non-sparkling wines: 5 liters
• Alcoholic beverages over 22°: 1.5 liters
• Alcoholic beverages below 22°: 3 liters
• Cigarettes: 300 units
• Cigarillos: 150 units
• Cigars: 75 units
• Rolling tobacco: 400 g

Please respect Andorra’s rules and regulations on bringing goods in and out of the county.

Luxury destination

Andorra offers countless luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, fashion boutiques, shopping and leisure activities such as skiing and much more.

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