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Tahitian Pearls

Rare Tahitian black pearls

The Tahitian black pearl is considered to be the most prestigious pearl in the world. It is used to create sumptuous jewelry that sets its wearer apart due to the singularity of each pearl. Rare Tahitian black pearls are highly sought-after for their unique beauty and brilliant captivating surfaces.

What makes a Tahitian black pearl rare?

A Tahitian pearl’s value is determined according to several criteria that when combined present a unique gem.


The size is the most important factor to look at when determining the price of a pearl. The larger the pearl the more valuable it is. A pearl with a diameter between 9 to 10 mm is considered to be extremely high quality. Pearls measuring 13 to 15 mm in diameter are rare in the world of Tahitian black pearls. Pearls that have diameters larger than 15mm are very rare. A 20 mm pearl is a true treasure!

The shape and color

Shape is another factor that plays into a pearl’s status as being rare. There are all different shapes of Tahitian pearls, but completely round pearls are the most rare and the most valuable.
Another factor to take into account when evaluating a pearl is its color or spectrum of colors. Tahitian pearls are also known as black pearls but they come in a wide variety of colors. They can be pink, red, blue, gray or peacock. They basically come in every color of the rainbow. As you turn some of these pearls between your fingers you may notice several colors shifting and flitting across their surface.

Rare Tahitian black pearls: surface quality and luster

A perfectly smooth mirror-like surface without scratches or imperfections is considered to be a very rare Tahitian pearl. Pearls are graded according to their surface quality. The Tahitian grading system consists of 5 categories (Gem Quality, A, B, C and D). A Tahitian black pearl is only rare if it has been classified as being Gem Quality or A. Anything below grade A is not considered rare. Perleria de Tahiti uses its own simplified system that mixes features from the Tahitian and classic grading systems.

The luster and orient

The luster and the orient both take into account the shine of a pearl’s surface and the iridescent quality that emanates from the pearl. A rare Tahitian black pearl dazzles brightly and is shiny and radiant. A very beautiful luster will reflect the light that hits its surface perfectly, giving it a mirror effect. Conversely a pearl without luster has a matt appearance.

How to tell if a pearl was cultivated in French Polynesia

Trust in Perleria de Tahiti & the House of Georgia H.

Perleria de Tahiti has been specializing in the import of Tahitian pearls since 2009. It has built a solid reputation for crafting sumptuous jewelry made with rare Tahitian black pearls.

Experience and savoir-faire

Laurent Pereira, founder of Perleria de Tahiti, is a passionate self-taught jeweler who has forged lasting relationships with producers working in the French Polynesian atolls, foremost among them, Robert Wan, who owns the most famous harvesting location in the world, Marutea Sud.
Georgia H. is a concept store that brings its customer’s dreams to life by working hand-in-hand with them to create jewelry showcasing rare Tahitian black pearls. The company also has limited collections of readymade pieces at every price point, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and so much more.

How can I purchase jewelry featuring rare Tahitian black pearls?

The best way to insure that you are getting a certified Tahitian black pearl is to make your selection in person from a trusted jeweler. Feel free to come and meet us at the Georgia H. boutique in Andorra la Vella. We love to give our customers personalized services and would be more than happy to take you on a tour of our pearl emporium that houses approximately 300 different types of Tahitian black pearls.

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