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Tahitian Pearls

The different shapes of Tahitian black pearls

Along with size, color and surface quality, the shape of Tahitian black pearls is another criterion that determines its market value. Round pearls are the most prized and are used for creating high-end jewelry.

Tahitian black pearls come in an array of shapes

When defining the value of a Tahitian black pearl, size is probably the most important factor. The second most important is its shape.
Specialists classify Tahitian pearls by using a system that allows them to identify 8 different shapes: round, semi-round, button, pear, drop, oval, baroque and ringed.
This system is a simple way of classifying these gems in order to give each pearl a proper price. It is worth noting that the consumer’s preference for shape depends on their personal taste. At the House of Georgia H. and Perleria de Tahiti we use our own classification, which is explained below.

Round Tahitian black pearls

Round pearls are perfect or nearly perfect spheres. They are allowed to have a variation of 2% in diameter. These Tahitian black pearls are rare and the most expensive on the market. They are commonly used to make very high quality rings and pendants, as well as sumptuous earrings and necklaces.

How to know if a Tahitian black pearl is a perfect sphere

A trained professional can determine whether or not a pearl is perfectly round by doing a visual inspection. When you visit the Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti jewelry boutique in Andorra, you will meet the owner Laurent Pereira, who might reveal his secrets to you! The founder of the leading brand of Tahitian black pearl jewelry in the Principality has a wealth of experience in the field, having spent many years in Tahiti’s lagoons with his mentor, Robert Wan - the King of Pearls! For now we will reveal one of Pereira’s tricks, if you roll a Tahitian pearl on a table and it rolls in a straight line, it is a good sign!


These pearls are the second highest ranked and thus the second most expensive. They are not quite perfectly round and are allowed to have a variation in diameter between 2 and 5%.


These pearls are slightly irregular in shape. A pearl that is oval, button, pear or drop shaped and is symmetrical is considered semi-baroque. Their diameter varies more than 5%. These alluring pearls are used to make excellent quality jewelry and are often used to create pendants.

Baroque pearls

Baroque pearls have irregular shapes and are asymmetrical. Although they do not fall into any of the above categories, they are suitable for making beautiful jewellery, provided that the jeweller is creative and talented! There are two types of baroque pearls: teardrop and pebble.

Ringed pearls

These pearls have one or more concentric rings. These ridges look like little rings that encircle the pearl. This type of Tahitian black pearl has a certain charm and makes up an average of 25 to 30% of the Tahitian pearl harvest.

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