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Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian black pearl earrings

In just a few short years the House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti has established itself as one of Andorra’s leading destinations for artisanal jewelry. We create a wide array of unique jewelry, including Tahitian black pearl earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants along with several other well-known luxury brands. We believe in creating limited numbers of our creations and working closely with our clients to craft their dream bespoke jewelry.

Tahitian black pearl earrings by Georgia H.

Every contemporary woman should have a pair of stunning earrings to add just the right amount of glow to their ensemble. Whether they are made with precious gemstones or Tahitian black pearls, earrings are undoubtedly one of the best staple pieces to have in your jewelry box. Earrings come in an array of styles and designs from understated studs to elegant dangles.

Bespoke earrings by an artisan jeweler specializing in Tahitian pearls

Earrings are timeless symbols of elegance. They have an obvious charm, especially when they are custom-made to meet their wearer’s every desire. The House of Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti takes great joy in collaborating with you to design heirloom-quality bespoke jewelry. Just pay us a visit with photographs or your own sketches so that we can get a better understanding of your tastes and preferences. Once we have collaborated on the design we will work closely with you to create your exclusive piece.

An artisan jeweler devoted to their craft

It is also worth noting that Georgia H. / Perleria de Tahiti makes Tahitian black pearl earrings using only the finest pearls from the crystal clear lagoons of French Polynesia. All of our pearls come with certificates of authenticity. Perleria de Tahiti handles the selection and export of these pearls and ships them to Georgia H. where our expert goldsmiths and designers carry out the magical process of jewelry creation. If you stop by our boutique located near Avenida Meritxell in Andorra la Vella, we would be thrilled to show you our collection of over 300 different varieties of Tahitian pearls.

Artisanal jewelry that speaks to the individual

The charm and elegance of Tahitian black pearl earrings

Earrings are everyday staples that have the power to elevate any outfit or enhance a sophisticated hairstyle.
Whether it’s a simple string of pearls or a modern take on earrings, Georgia H.’s Tahitian black pearl jewelry is sumptuous, elegant and rich. Our pearls have unparalleled luster and a depth of color that is truly eye catching. This timeless classic and majestic jewel will add a touch of refinement to your outfit while making you stand out from the crowd.

Original Tahitian black pearl earrings

Thanks to their years of experience, Georgia H. can help you find the perfect earrings that will accentuate your eyes and complement your face shape while meeting all of your requirements for style.

Perhaps you will fall in love with our Couture earrings composed of 30 brilliant-cut diamonds and 2 peacock Tahitian pearls with a diameter of 10 mm (AAA quality). Peacock pearls are one of the most valued and sought-after colors with a dark gray-green body color and a pink, purple or gold overtone that appears to float on the surface of the pearl as the light catches it. These Tahitian black pearl earrings can elevate a carefree brunch outfit or transform an evening gown into a true conversation piece. These jewelry box essentials are set in 18k yellow gold.

The House of Georgia H. has countless other earrings, accessories and timepieces. Visit us at our boutique in Andorra and we will usher you into the fascinating world of natural gems.

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